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Tap Repair & Replacement

Tap Repair & Replacement

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Tap Replacement London

Your London home’s taps can be the source of various problems, from leaks to unusual noises. However, diagnosing the exact problem can be tricky – and resolving it even trickier. You don’t want to risk ordering the wrong replacement tap or failing to install it correctly.

That’s why, if a suspicious problem does arise with your taps, whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom or even garden, you should give our plumbers a call. We can trace the source of the problem and repair or replace the tap – whichever is the more economical solution.

You might need just one tap, or actually a whole new sink, replacing. Alternatively, a simple repair might suffice – or the problem could turn out to lie somewhere else in your residential plumbing system. With our trained eye, we can tell for certain and remedy the issue for you.

Tap Repairs In London

Various issues can emerge in taps, and it’s not always obvious whether a repair or replacement is in order. Often, a tap problem will initially evidence itself in a drip or leak – and you should act quickly to make sure this problem doesn’t run the risk of damaging other areas of your property.

When our plumber drops by your home, they can isolate even severe leaks as quickly as possible. Once we have determined what exactly is causing the drip or leak, we can undertake the required repair work – provided, of course, you accept the quote we present for this work.

If we discern that fixing the problem tap would be either impossible or uneconomical, that’s when we will recommend a tap replacement instead. Each bathroom repair or replacement service we offer is available on a same-day basis and provided with a 12-month guarantee to help protect the customer’s financial expenditure.


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