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    What's It All About?

    Power Flushing For Homes London

    What is power flushing? It is a thorough cleansing procedure for central heating systems, where water is forced through the system pipes to dislodge sludge and debris. However, the water will also be delivered at a low pressure to prevent inflicting any physical damage to the system.

    All in all, power flushing is a simultaneously safe and effective way to restore inner cleanliness to your home’s heating system and so help it to run more smoothly. A cleaner system expends energy more efficiently, as it does not have to work as hard to push water through the pipes.

    Whether you suspect that deposits have heavily accumulated in your residential heating system or you would simply like to make it as clean as possible before a new boiler is put in place, we are at hand to undertake power flushing at any home in London or Greater London.

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    Signs You Need A Powerflush

    As central heating systems age and garner sludge, debris and scale inside them, your system could struggle to circulate water quite as smoothly as before. While you might be tempted to try a DIY remedy of placing chemical mobilising agents straight into the system, this won’t suffice for systems suffering from more than a minimal amount of debris.

    Here are several warning signs you might need a power flush:

    • Your radiator has cold spots
    • Radiators are cold just at the top or bottom
    • Your home takes a while to heat up
    • Your boiler makes banging noises
    • You have noisy pipes
    • The boiler keeps cutting out

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    Why You May Need A Power Flush

    A power flush can help you to rectify various easy-to-overlook heating problems.

    Reduced Efficiency

    If your heating bills seem unusually high, blockages in your heating system could be to blame.

    Cold Spots on Radiators

    As sludge typically sinks to the bottom of radiators, it can leave disconcerting cold spots there.

    Boiler Breakdowns

    As pipes becoming increasingly blocked, they can put your boiler under strain, potentially culminating in a boiler breakdown.

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    How Does A Powerflush Work?

    The power flushing process can sound confusing at first, but here is a succinct summary.

    Before a Powerflush

    We will turn on your heating and connect the flushing pump to your system.

    During a Powerflush

    A cleaning agent will be flushed through your heating system, including its network of pipes.

    After a Powerflush

    You can enjoy a more efficiently-running heating system or have a new boiler fitted.

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    Power Flush – Frequently Asked Questions

    As a general rule of thumb, we suggest booking in a power flush if your system has never had one before. Our experienced engineers will be able to assess your system and provide a definite answer.

    Our coverage area stretches across London and Greater London, while we also cover further, surrounding areas provided they are within a 55-mile radius of the E10 postcode district. For more information, please see the Areas We Cover page.

    Yes. We are trained in this specialist procedure, and are also on the UK’s Gas Safe Register – a sign that we are qualified to work with gas appliances. Our website’s About page further details our credentials.

    Boiler manufacturers can be reluctant to undertake warranty repairs if they suspect that build-up in the system, rather than an issue directly related to the boiler itself, is to blame for the fault. We can install your new boiler for you, too.

    In that case, you could arrange for us to service your boiler – as, in carrying out checks on your boiler, we can look for other functional issues which could be the source of your specific dilemma.

    Generally, we can power flush your existing system – even if it’s old – to keep your heating more fuel efficient. If your situation is different, we’ll let you know after our initial assessment.