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    What's It All About?

    Radiator Installation London

    Does your home in or close to London need new radiators? Perhaps you would like one installed as an extra, such as in a large room currently covered by just one radiator, or your property has never had any radiators in the first place. Whatever your primary incentive for wanting a new radiator, we can arrange for Gas Safe registered engineers to install it.

    However, whether you are seeking a new radiator fitting as a matter of either routine or emergency, it’s crucial that your chosen installer knows what they are doing. Our radiator installers are highly experienced and qualified in what they do – and are so close by that they can provide you with radiator installation work within 24 hours of your request.

    That work includes installing not only radiators, which we offer in a range of enticing designs, but also any towel rails or piping required as part of the installation. Our resources and connections enable us to speedily source, supply and fit all of the materials and components necessary for the job. However, our radiator work also includes a range of repair services.

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    Common Radiator Problems

    As winter sets in, your home could become especially reliant on its radiators for warmth. However, radiators – especially those that have been in action for a decade or longer – can develop an array of somewhat unexpected issues. Tracing the source of such problems can be tricky, but our heating engineers are trained in doing so – and suggesting and providing suitable remedies.

    Some especially common issues with radiators include:

    • Air escaping from the radiator
    • Individual radiators failing to heat up
    • Rusty radiators
    • Loose radiators
    • A leaking radiator valve

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    Types Of Radiators We Install

    • Cast iron radiators
    • Stainless steel radiators
    • Aluminium radiators
    • Classic and contemporary radiators
    • Wall-mounted radiators
    • Column radiators
    • Vertical radiators
    • Single and double radiators
    • Flat panel radiators
    • Radiator panels

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    We are accredited suppliers and installers of products from various major brands, including.

    Radiator Repairs London

    If any of your home’s radiators do start to falter in functionality or efficiency, you should act quickly on the issue – especially if it arises in the midst of winter. If a radiator has cold spots, for example, this can be a sign of sludge build-up impeding the radiator’s efficiency. Left alone, this problem could lead your home’s entire heating system to grind to a halt.

    Similarly, if you notice that a particular radiator seems warm at its bottom but cold at its top, or stays cold long after you have switched on the heating, the discrepancy could evidence trapped air that must be released as soon as possible. A central heating engineer from our team can diagnose the problem for definite before resolving it by carefully bleeding the radiator with the central heating switched off.

    Another potential issue is that of a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) – which is responsible for controlling the temperature of individual rooms – getting stuck or developing a fault. If, say, the knob starts to stick, this can result in radiator leaks. Fortunately, though, we can easily replace, fix and maintain valves, as well as fine-tune the heating system to help you in maximising its efficiency. We can replace TRVs at short notice, too.

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    Radiator Installation & Repairs – Frequently Asked Questions

    We are based in London, enabling us to quickly send radiator experts to any domestic property in London, Greater London or one of many surrounding areas, as the Areas We Cover page elaborates.

    A radiator can squeak due to a leaking vent – while, if your radiator is whistling, this will be because the water flow rate through the radiator is too high. We can resolve radiator issues like these.

    We can do this by undertaking power flushing, one of our many central heating services. The treatment will circulate strong cleansing chemicals around the system to dislodge that sludge and, consequently, enhance the system’s efficiency.

    We do this by providing free estimates and pledging to match the price any competing company has offered you for the same service. We also include a 12-month guarantee with each radiator installation or repair we provide.

    Our experienced engineers will be able to assess your room and calculate the most ideal sized radiator based on your requirements.

    The answer to this question will depend on a variety of factors. Generally, it should not take longer than two to three hours.